Happy Book Lovers Day! Best reading spaces to enjoy a book in Nigeria

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Best reading spaces to enjoy a book in Nigeria

It's only fair for book-lovers to have cool spaces to read their books at, since they are responsible for generating revenue for authors and bookstores.

Sometimes, reading at home isn't ideal. A quiet reading space with good ambiance might just be what you need. Here are the best reading spaces to enjoy a book!

Some of these spaces are functioning libraries which are equipped for that exact reason. On the other hand, the cafes are perfect if you want to grab a drink or a bite on a comfortable sofa while surrendering yourself to your book.


BMT Africa Garden Library

The BMT Africa Garden Library is a gem just by the Swiss Embassy in Abuja. It houses a garden with lovely fountains, a mini zoo, comfortable chill spots and a library. You will also find a mini exhibition of photographs and artefacts. The library doesn’t have a huge selection of books but if offers great ambiance, whether in the main library or in the garden, for reading or working. However, to use the facilities, you would have to subscribe to be a member for N5000, N10000 or N20000per month, quarter or year, respectively.

Salamander Cafe

Salamander Cafe is the Abuja book lover's fave spot. It is also frequented by writers, expatriates and art lovers. Located in Wuse 2, Salamander offers darling food, a cosy reading space and a mini bookstore.

Yar'Adua Library

Located in the Shehu Yar'Adua centre in the Central Business District of Abuja, the library centre holds a gorgeous atrium, a museum and its extensive library. The library has a wide range of books that cuts across several subjects and genres. However, a monthly fee of N10000 for a library card has to be paid to access the facilities of the library.


Chapter 11

Choose any room that best suits your mood at Chapter Eleven. It is a privately owned library in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. It provides a comfortable ambiance for you to read, study or work without any distraction or the burden of having to think of power outage, Internet connectivity and noise.



Bogobiri is a pan-African area with an art hub, restaurant, souvenir shop and, of course, the mini-library. Its antique vibe is a favourite for art-lovers, history and culture enthusiasts, music lovers and bookworms. To enjoy the extensive library with a wide range of books, you would have to register on their official site.


Jazzhole is everything enticing for art-enthusiasts — everything from Afro-Jazz to Juju music to their exciting array of books, not to mention cute spaces to relax and enjoy your book. Jazzhole is frequented by authors and people in search of a classic 'artsy' place to hangout.

Samantha's Bistro


Samantha's Bistro and Grill is a cute, cosy space with a spontaneous kitchen and a chalkboard menu. It also doubles as a bookstore. Though the selection of books isn't so wide, it offers a comfortable reading space for kicking back with your book and food. Check out this book nerd's guide to reading in Lagos.


The National Library

The National Library offers free library services to the public, with a wide range of quality books and learning materials in stock.

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