Defection Season: 7 Insults APC threw at Saraki in latest press statement

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7 Insults APC threw at Saraki in latest press statement

The APC issued a press statement that was full of insults for Saraki. We compiled 7 of the most abusive sentences ever issued by a political party.

On Thursday, August 9, 2018, the APC released a press statement signed by Mr. Yekini Nabena, its acting National Publicity Secretary.

Let’s just say we’ve never read a more invective laden press statement since Lai Mohammed used to issue them by the truckloads for the APC, before the 2015 general elections.

We’ve taken the time to sift through the statement for 7 insults from the APC to Saraki.

Parental advisory applies here please:

1. APC calls Saraki a dismal failure

According to the statement, "Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki has been a dismal failure and has been involved in one controversy or the other”.

2. APC also called Saraki a criminal

The exact words were, “Saraki has been involved in one controversy or the other – budget padding, filibustering, legislative rascality, sabotage of matters of national interest, among other criminalities too numerous to mention”.

3. Saraki was called the worst senate president in Nigeria’s history

The APC says, “Dr. Saraki will go down in our country’s history as the worst Senate President Nigeria has had the misfortune to have.

“Since his usurpation of the coveted seat, achieved through a wicked conspiracy with members of the opposition PDP, it has been from one controversy to another.”

4. APC says Saraki is friends with robbers

According to the APC, Saraki’s sins include “Code of Conduct trial for false declaration of assets; conspiracy with his deputy to fraudulently alter the rules of the Senate and links to the deadly armed robbers who wasted many lives in the Offa robbery attack.

“It is alleged that some of the robbery suspects were his political thugs used to rig elections; a common adage says: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”.

5. APC says Saraki is a traitor

The statement says Saraki’s “greed, selfishness, treachery, disregard for protocol and constituted authority is well-reported. In terms of treachery, Dr. Saraki’s public humiliation of his late father and sister comes readily to mind.

“A traitor will always be a traitor, however the time and place”.

6. APC says Saraki is not fit for the office of Senate President

According to the APC, “Saraki is definitely not a fit and proper person to preside over the country’s upper and revered legislative house”.

7. Saraki is not a good example for young people who want to go into politics, APC says

The statement from the governing party adds that: “The position of the Senate President is one of the highest political offices one can attain. It is a position reserved for the best of the best, experienced and exemplary politicians who by their character and conduct in public offices, the younger generation look up to as role models.

“Dr. Saraki is definitely not our good example for political leadership”.

Oh snap, Saraki replied:

As soon as the APC press statement made it across blogs and online platforms in the country, Saraki’s media team sent Pulse a one paragraph response that read:

“We can't descend into the gutter with these characters. Apparently they have not recovered from the shock of their Tuesday's failed attempt to subvert democracy".

The APC wants Saraki to resign as senate president after he left their camp for the PDP. There are ongoing moves by the APC to impeach Saraki.

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