19-year old female blogger buys her parents two exotic cars

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19-year old female blogger buys her parents two exotic cars

Since the post came up on Facebook, she has been celebrated by people far and wide.

A 19-year old female blogger named Priscilla Emasoga has gotten famous overnight for purchasing two cars for her parents and posting it on Facebook. 


One of them is a Lexus saloon car while the other is a Toyota RAV4 Sports Utility Vehicle. The blogger, affiliate marketer, Cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur posted the following, “19 years ago they brought me into this world. They worked day and night to put food on the table and made sure I never lacked the necessary things in life. Today am returning that Favour.

She completed, “Two new rides for my favorite people in this world. Thank you for taking care of me, Mom and Dad. Thank God for Grace.”

A few days earlier, she posted this, “Thinking about that time I use to copy HTML codes on a notebook. I wanted to die the day somebody scammed me N500. Bruh that was my weekly savings#prayforgrace #onlygrace #nvws.’

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She has since been supported by friends and well-wishers on the following Facebook posts;


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