Here are 3 tips to please your man in bed

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Here are 3 tips to please your man in bed

Read on for tips to give your man a breathtaking experience in bed.

Everyone loves a thoughtful and kind gesture. Do you want to give your man a stimulating experience like never before?

Below are 3 simple ways to make your lovemaking hotter tonight.

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1. Make the mood romantic

Of course, you might think that using candles, music, perfume and even rose petals to set the mood of your lovemaking is a little too cliché. Your partner will love you for this. Just imagine how happy you would feel if someone went to all the trouble to create a special lovemaking occasion that you can cherish for years to come.

2. Give him the best position for his enjoyment

The doggy sex position is great for guys because it gives them full control. This is one of the best positions for hitting your G-spot and allows him to fondle your breasts, stomach, clitoris, back, neck and other sensual spots. The main benefit for your man is that he’ll be able to get incredibly deep penetration.

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3. Please him with a handjob

Start with lighter, irregular strokes – like teasing. As you get further and further into it, stick with two or three main strokes that your partner really enjoys. Developing a good rhythm that your partner can get into is the key to bringing your partner to orgasm with a genital massage.

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