What to do when you become spiritually lazy

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What Christians need to do when they are spiritually lazy

Use these simple yet effective things below to overcome spiritual laziness.

Overcoming spiritual laziness starts with first acknowledging what it is happening. Doing this makes it easier to do the following. Here is what you need to do when you become spiritually lazy:

Wake up

Spiritual laziness usually creeps in those moments when we choose comfort over discipline. For instance, you keep snoozing your alarm until you barely have time to get dressed and go to work or when you find yourself procrastinating, doing your chores, any and everything but actually spending time with God.


To combat this, you have to wake up and I mean that literally. Set your alarm, go to bed early and wake up on time. Once you open your eyes, GET OUT of bed. Avoid lying down even for a second, stand up, wash your face, do whatever you need to do to WAKE UP.

Go to your spot

One thing I learned from a Christian movie called 'War Room' is the importance of having a separate place to simply be with God. It really highlighted the need for a quiet spot for God.

Even Jesus Christ occasionally abandoned His disciples to spend one-on-one time with His Father which just goes to show that everyone needs that one spot in their home that is set apart from time with God. So find it and then go to it once you wake up. It goes without saying that this place should have no distractions.

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Get into the zone

Once you get to your spot, imagine that you are in the presence of your loving Father who is pleased to see you (see Jeremiah 29:13,14). Sit, kneel, lie down, stand, bow, do as your spirit leads.

Just Start

Once you have gotten comfortable in Abba's presence, just start. Start singing, praising, praying, and reading your Bible. If you are led to start with a prayer, do that, if not, praise, pray or study the Word. Try not to focus so much on the routine instead go with the urgings of the Holy Spirit. Look to God not the mode of worship.


In order to really kick spiritual laziness once and for all, you have to be consistent. Don't be the kind of Christian who occasionally visits the Father, aspire to dwell and abide always in God's presence. Trust me, it gets easier and more enjoyable the more you dwell.

Watch Joyce Meyer's sermon on spiritual laziness below.

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