If your ex marries today, will you send a congratulatory message?

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Do you consider yourself 'nice' enough?

How gracious are you –  do you have it in you to congratulate an ex partner who just got married to someone else, or you couldn't be bothered with what they do with their lives when you are done with them?

For those who somehow missed the good news: the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi Adeyeye has just married a new bride, Queen Shilekunola Moronke Oluwaseyi Naomi and the king's ex wife actually congratulated to the couple!

In a classy move of goodwill, the king's former wife posted an Instagram message to him and the new queen which reads: "…Congratulations to the Ooni and his new bride, Shilekunola Naomi Moronke Oluwaseyi. God bless your union."

Seeing how gracious and stately that move is, we wonder how many more people could maintain this level of goodwill towards their former partners.

Do you consider yourself 'nice' enough to reach out to an ex boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse who marries someone else and wish them the best?


Why you should

When a relationship ends and partner go their separate ways, it makes sense to consider that relationship as a necessary route on your journey towards the happy place you'll eventually get to. There are lessons to learn from all relationships that never worked and all partners who were not able to live up to the potential you thought they would.

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Broken relationships also help people realise parts of themselves that need work. Simply because when people break up, it is not always for faults resting on the shoulders of just one person. So when a relationship ends, you not learn of things you can't stand in a partner, you also realise the part you played in it and understand that you can do better in future relationships.

The lessons and memories you get from your relationship with this ex should be enough to earn them a good will message. If not for this, then you may want to just do it because you are decent human being and it does not hurt to be kind and dispense one or two kind words daily even to people who do not deserve it.


Why you should not

If your relationship ended with an ex on an awful, terrible note and you are not feeling so kind towards them yet, it's OK to stay mum. You are entitled to your emotions and how to manage them.

While forgiveness is advised at all times, we still understand that sometimes, forgiveness takes time. And if you are still in that place where forgiveness has not come to you, then it is also fine to do you because as much as sending out a message of goodwill to an ex will be classy and dignified, it has to be genuine. If it is not genuine, it is better to not say anything at all.

So would you congratulate your ex on their wedding?

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