Pastor poisons himself and his 2 daughters after his wife left him

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Pastor poisons himself and two daughters after wife leaves him

The pastor left a suicide note that stated that he was facing a lot of problems in his life and that he felt some people were stalking him.

One 36-year old Pastor Precious Mpofu has tragically killed himself after allegedly forcing his daughters, Shalom, 11 and Panashe, 7 to drink a drainage cleaning chemical in Yeoville suburb, Johannesburg.

The pastor allegedly left a suicide note behind where he states that he has been having problems with his life, his marriage and that he felt four men was stalking him, his father, Mr. Sipho Mpofu confirms.

According to Nehandra Radio, he had just separated from his wife, his wife, Ms. Chido Chipangura, with whom he pastored Prophet Blessing Chiza’s Eagle Life Assembly.

Afterward, the deceased’s father, Mr. Sipho Mpofu, confirmed the infamous deaths of his son and grandchildren as well as his son’s separation from his wife.

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“I am reliably informed residents at his apartment saw him carrying each of the daughters on his shoulders into their flat at around 2 pm. At 2:40 pmhe sent his sister here in Bulawayo a WhatsApp message saying one of his daughters, Shalom had died.

“Exactly 10 minutes later, he sent another message saying his second daughter had also passed on. This puzzled his sister who was trying to call him to understand what exactly he was trying to say,” Mr Mpofu said.

His scared sister then tried texting him back, but it didn’t work, so his sister phoned Ms. Chipangura, his wife to check on her husband as he was texting strange messages.

Ms. Chipangura dashed to the flat only to find three bodies. The kids’ bodies were neatly laid in bed between blankets while Precious’ body was on the floor,” he said.

On the four men that were stalking his son, Mr. Mpofu Sr. said his son also listed the four men’s phone numbers. He also confirms the marital problems between his son and daughter-in-law, “My son was at times coming to Zimbabwe alone or with his kids and we would hear of his marital problems from other people,” he said.

The deceased’s mother, Mrs. Sibangani Mpofu also confirms the accounts.

She says the deceased ordered his sister to sell his car in South Africa and proceeds should be given to his parents to “fund a huge task “that was coming.

It’s like he had already planned everything and shared his assets. In his numerous texts, he mentioned that his wife should never set foot at this family home. It means he meant she shouldn’t attend this funeral I guess,” she said.

Nehandra Radio reports that “At the Chipangura’s family home in Mpopoma suburb the news crew was chased away by family members who said they did not want to be disturbed while mourning.”

It is really a sad story. May they all rest in peace.

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